Rotation Feeding

I have to admit that I love lasagna! I could certainly eat it every day for about 4 days, but by the 5th day, my enthusiasm might be not quite the same. I can’t imagine eating the same meal every day for the rest of my life!

And yet many people feed their dogs the same meal every day for their whole lives? Then we wonder why they become ‘picky eaters’!

Eating and enjoying food is all about variety! Varying proteins ( beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish etc) and varying fruits and vegetables provide you and your dog with different textures and flavors as well as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phyto nutrients. No matter how good a dog food is formulated to be ‘complete and balanced’, it is good insurance to rotate the diet.

I have lived with many dogs for over 50 years and never had a fussy eater. We have always fed them using the philosophy that variety is the spice of life!

What about stomach upsets?

Feeding dogs different foods does not create digestive problems as long as the foods are of the same texture. What I mean by this is that going from a dry processed kibble directly to a wet food with no transition can be hard on the system. It takes about a week to make the transition to a whole food, wet diet. The change of going from a dry product to a moisture rich food can be the challenge. Always do this type of change gradually. Slowly replace the dry food with wet. It can take several days to make the switch. A slight amount of loose stool is not unusual but if the switch is made too quickly, diarrhea can result.

Once the dog has been converted to a wet, whole food diet, it is perfectly safe to alternate between other flavors of moist food. Lucky Dog Cuisine offers 7 flavors. Switching between them is perfectly safe.

Rotation diets not only give your dog a variety of nutritients but also helps build a strong digestive system and helps to improve nutritient absorption. We also see fewer allergies and other sensitivities when fed this way.

I love watching our dogs do the Lucky Dog dance at every meal! Molly seems to know when 5 o’clock rolls around.

She comes to get me and demands her dinner. Want to see your dog eat with gusto? Feed him Tailwaggin’ Turkey for a few days and then switch it up to Here Fishy Fishy and your dog will dance for you too!

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