Proudly celebrating our 10th year of bringing you the best cooked food for dogs

Thank you (the world’s best clients) for your tremendous support

widget-title_03What is
Lucky Dog Cuisine?

  • Whole food meals cooked by hand: frozen and shipped in 1 lb packages from our South Carolina kitchen to your door – simply thaw and serve.
  • All of our dog food is cooked the week before shipping: freshness is our priority.
  • We maintain close relationships with our suppliers: they know how picky we are!
  • Old fashioned company with old fashion values: we know our customers by name.
  • All Lucky Dog Cuisine ingredients are so healthy you could eat them too. But remember it’s formulated to be the best dog food for your dog!

widget-title_03Unlike traditional dog
foods, we never use:

Pet Grade Ingredients
Meaning food not fit for humans. Why is it considered fit for your dog?

Moldy Grains
Did you know commercial dog food companies are allowed to use moldy or fractionated grains in their foods? Most of them do. Never in Lucky Dog Cuisine.

4D Animals
Meaning dead, diseased, dying or disabled animals. That’s right: they actually use this stuff, even in the so-called ‘super premium’ and prescription commercial dog foods.

widget-title_03How Lucky Dog Cuisine can
improve your pet’s life?

  • 40% of dogs are obese. Our complete & balanced meals help dogs find and maintain their optimum healthy weight.
  • 1 in 2 dogs are now being diagnosed with cancer. Eliminating highly processed food can help reduce the risks for your dog.
  • A common comment from clients is that their dogs feel like puppies again after starting a Lucky Dog Cuisine diet.
  • A 50 pound dog will eat almost 20 pounds of preservatives every year. Lucky Dog Cuisine uses only human grade ingredients: no preservatives, no fillers… ever!

Here's what our clients are saying

  •   Hi, Jeff & Janice!

    The food arrived on time like a Christmas miracle.  Thank you for the spatula!  The little rest on it is a terrific feature.  I still use and enjoy the oven mitt you gave us last year.
    WE had a little Christmas miracle ourselves which I will share with you here.  I have no idea how we all made it in from of the camera like this.  Seconds before, dogs were going one direction, hats flying off in another, and I was rolling the floor, convulsed with laughter.
    Thank you for another year of good quality food and superb customer service.  You two are a wonder!
    Camille T
    Camille T Albion California
  • Tia starting eating this fabulous food almost 5 years ago here in this photo - 5 years later her Vet says she is perfect weight & health - thank you Lucky Dog

    Tammy F
    Tammy F Fort Myers, Florida
  • My dog, Frankie, is absolutely in love with your food. He is so excited when I come home at dinnertime. About four-and-a-half months ago I adopted Frankie, a seven-year-old Schipperke mix (with a lot of Black Lab). He was riddled with fleas and suffered with severe flea allergy dermatitis. His fur was horrible. He looks beautiful and healthy now. Thank you so much for your delicious and healthful food. It has certainly improved Frankie's life!

    Susan R Lansing Kansas
  • Dr. Elenbaas, Good evening to you both. Wanted to tell you that Bailey is loving her new pork recipe! Thank you for adding to your menu - I am so grateful for what you guys have created. I keep spreading the word and hope more people understand that what we all put in our bodies is so important - animals and people Only now are people around me starting to understand the importance of organic and grass fed. It takes time

    Sandra M
    Sandra M Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jeff… thanks so much.  The dogs are thriving… took it slow at the beginning to get them used to the change but think it’s now time for trying new things so that they don’t get bored with their food and so that they get the benefits that come from eating a variety.  I very much appreciate your great customer service and am very happy to have learned about your company.

    Many thanks again,
    Valerie C
    Valerie C Spencer Tennessee
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Did you know?

  • Lucky Dog Cuisine is a unique cooked product. A complete human grade meal for your best friend.
  • Our food provides an excellent option for those who want to feed natural, whole foods but may struggle with a raw diet; either from a pet diet intolerance or a human perspective.
  • We use only humanely raised grass fed beef and pork as well as hormone-free turkey and chemical free fish. Our fruits and veggies are certified GMO-free. We use only whole grains, real cheese and yogurt, and extra virgin olive oil. Our gourmet dog food is even cooked in filtered water!

We have been feeding our whole food diet
to generations of dogs.

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Lucky Dog Cuisine is formulated in partnership with our PhD consultants in companion animal nutrition to exceed the nutritional standards established by AAFCO for dogs of all life stages.

Complete and balanced


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We cook just like you do at home
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