Nice people (and puppies) saying nice things about our human grade dog food product and company.

What could be better than hearing it from the dog’s mouth?

Thank you for your support and encouragement. We consider it a privilege to feed your dog.

Dear Dr Elenbaas and Bugsy, My dogs go bonkers for this stuff!”

Nikki Moustaki

Former Host of MSNBC Celebrity Pet Dish & Animal Advocate

I just wanted to let you know that my shipment of Lucky Dog Cuisine arrived safely yesterday. This morning, I added a little bit of it into Allie’s and Riley’s breakfast and they gobbled it up. I was going to heat it as suggested, but I put it in the bowls and turned around to pick them up for heating….and it was gone! The girls definitely approve.

Deb Shayer

Rhode Island

Hi Janice, Thanks for the great food and fabulous customer service.

Laura & Tallulah

Washington DC

I got my shipment last night and I love the new packaging! It saves so much space and is great for us city dwellers! My Affen’s tiny jaws are going to have more time for bully sticks with less work to do at dinner time. Keep up the amazing work.


The reasons I will recommend your food is that my belief that home cooked food is the best option for nutrition for dogs. It is what they grew up eating over their development into the various breeds we recognize today, and is most simple for them to digest and utilize nutritionally. Cooked foods offer the option of tailoring the diet to fit what the pet needs to balance disharmonies from a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine perspective.

Ruth M. Roberts

DVM CVA CVH Sun Dog Cat Moon

If we feed our dogs whole foods rich in real nutrients, and not synthetic vitamins, then their immune systems will function better at fighting off infection and managing chronic inflammation associated with many common canine illnesses. 

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Holistic Veterinarian

The perfect blend of protein and carbs made with only the finest ingredients means quality home cooked meals for your pooch based on a thorough understanding of doggie physiology and nutritional needs. Check out their $79 Intro Special: (incl free shipping) for a limited time.

In short, what you’d want to eat yourself if you were born canine.

What a Lucky Dog!

Read the full Daily Kibble Review March 2014

Daily Kibble

March 2014

Animal Radio® gets dozens of food samples every month. Most canned or packaged with preservatives. That’s why we were naturally curious about Lucky Dog Cuisine’s method of shipping homemade food right from their kitchen to your freezer. Seems like it would be costly, but for the same price as cooking for your pet, and the same price as many premium canned foods, Lucky Dog Cuisine turns out to be an outstanding deal. Cooked with the same ingredients you would use if you cooked every day for your pet, these two serving pouches are delivered via FedEx on dry ice. That’s because the ingredients include real meat (Grass Fed Hormone Free Beef), real veggies, yogurt and other good stuff you just won’t find in a canned food.

One of the healthiest dog foods available, Lucky Dog Cuisine offers 6 flavors. Original Beef and Rice, Perfect Pooch Pasta, Tail-Wagging Turkey, Turkey n’Taters, Here Fishy Fishy and Bugsy’s Best Beef and Barley. We tried all of them on Animal Radio’s Stunt Dog “Ladybug.” She devoured them. Two problems now. She won’t go back to hum-drum canned food, and she’s growing up fast with all the fresh nutritious ingredients that are usually cooked out of canned food.

We can honestly say this is Animal Radio’s number one pick for dog food. Our airstaff feeds it to their dogs and wholeheartedly recommends Lucky Dog Cuisine. We haven’t been this excited about food for dogs since….

Animal Radio

Lucky Dog Cuisine Product Review

We did a taste test to see how our dog Kobi would like it. Kobi is a really picky eater and definitely doesn’t eat if he doesn’t like it. He actually turns down about 70% of all doggie treats offered to him, which can be embarrassing. We were given a bag of Bugsy’s Best Beef and Barley and Tail-Waggin’ Turkey N’ Rice to test out. On several different days I ran the test, which consisted of using 3 identical bowls, 3 different foods with one being the Lucky Dog Cuisine and the others were brands he already eats at home. I would also change the order of the bowls. Kobi would give each bowl a sniff and to my surprise he always ate the Lucky Dog Cuisine first. I was also able to actually see that it is real food, i.e. real cheese, blueberries, barley, ground meat.

Dogsized did a very nice review of us. They actually did a taste test over a few days before the article was written.

I’ve been feeding my little angel Lucky Dog Cuisine for several years now. She thrives on it, and it is an understatement to say just how much she loves it! All I have to say is “Lucky Dog”, and she gets so excited and runs straight to the kitchen. Maybelline is part of our family, and we are so happy to be able to feed her such high quality and healthy food. Not only does Lucky Dog Cuisine provide a wonderful product, their customer service is absolutely the BEST!!! It is very rare these days to find a company that has both, and I feel very blessed to be a customer. They personally answer my phone calls and any questions I have, and they go out of their way to help in any way possible. Jeff’s customer service is simply awesome! Thank you so much for everything! Keep up the good work – Sincerely, Jill Huston Seneca, SC Attached is a photo of Maybelline when she hears those two magic words – “LUCKY DOG”!


You know it is interesting, I just read somewhere on your site about the rate of cancer in dogs now. Our dog Bentley who was a Schnauzer/Bichon mix passed away about 3 years ago. He was 14 years old when is passed, but he died from cancer. He was always fed a “prescription” dog food from the vet. Prior to Bentley we had Suds, a Wirehair Fox Terrier who passed away at the age of 12, also from cancer. He too was fed a veterinarian grade dog food. I am convinced that commercial dog food, even when it is supposed to be a very good quality, is just bad for dogs.I am so grateful that you have made your products available. I know (from making BeBe’s dog food myself) that it is a daunting task. And seriously, she is the pickiest eater you will ever encounter. She just can’t wait to eat her Lucky Dog food. And even better still is having the variety so she never gets tired of what she is eating. I am so glad I found your site. Just so you know. She really loves it. I am so excited about it. Honestly you can’t believe what a picky eater she is. She has already been eating homemade dog food, but she didn’t love it like she does Lucky Dog! Thank you!

K. Weaver

Layton, Utah

Dear Dr. Elenbaas,

It’s difficult to watch an animal you have loved suffer through illness. I was faced with exactly that as I nursed my beloved Golden Retriever Ginger back from her third cancer surgery. As a breeder of both Golden Retrievers and Golden Doodles I spend all day every day with my dogs. When someone or something is that much a part of your life you do whatever you can to help them. Watching Ginger struggle to rebound was just awful and to make matters worse she wouldn’t eat. Without proper nourishment there was no chance of recovery. I had tried feeding her everything I had ever used in the past all to no avail. When I found Lucky Dog it truly was a last resort. The first time I gave it to Ginger her head never left the bowl. She considers it the best dog food and has been eating it ever since and I have never seen her hesitate. I know it is not a magic formula and I know you go to great lengths not to make any medical claims but I am telling you, her coat looks better, she has more energy and her hair has started to grow back. My old girl has responded wonderfully well and if this keeps up she may start to act like a puppy again. Thanks for the Lucky Dog, I know that the name sure applies to Ginger now. She is surely a Lucky Dog for finding your food. Thanks again.

Carolyn Shumpert

Owner and Breeder, Bar C Kennels

Restaurant Tested and Approved

With our innovative restaurant and hotel program we have served thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Almost without fail they love Lucky Dog Cuisine.

If you are a pet friendly restaurant and interested in adding Lucky Dog Cuisine to your menu, contact us directly to hear about our program. Lucky Dog Cuisine is pre-cooked, packaged and frozen whole food meals for dogs. With each package holding 2lbs of dog food, it is easily storable in your restaurant or hotel freezer.

– – – – –

Please contact us to discuss catering to your canine customers with Lucky Dog Cuisine’s USA Made Dog Food.

Dear Dr. Elenbaas,

I just wanted to thank you for introducing us to Lucky Dog Cuisine! The results of our dog menu have been far beyond our wildest hopes. We knew that we could provide for a few niche customers and that has certainly happened. What we didn’t expect was the additional business we have received as a result of this menu.

Since adding Lucky Dog Cuisine to our menu we have had three separate magazine articles all featuring both the restaurant and the dog food. We have had numerous patrons, both tourists and locals, call and reserve tables just because we had the dog menu and we have had amazing repeat business because we catered to canine friends.

Your product is fantastic! The quality of the food is amazing and fits in with our upscale image and I really appreciate how accommodating you have been with making sure we never run out.

All in all, what started as a bit of a lark has turned into both a phenomenal source of revenue for “Best Friends” who we donate all dog related income to and surprisingly to us as well as we have increased our “human traffic” exponentially due in large part to Lucky Dog.

I have attached a couple of the recent articles with this letter. Thanks again for this great product and you have given us something that has provided us with not only a great source of business but lots of fun as well. It’s always a great conversation starter even with our non-dog accompanied guests.

Anna Freeman Buckingham

Owner/Manager , Bistro 17 HHI

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