Joye Oltmann: Founder of Toby’s Room Inc.

The average day starts early for Joye and Dave Oltmann. Their home in Snellville, Georgia (located to the east of Atlanta) usually hosts as many as 16 dogs and cats, all rescued by the Oltmann’s from the most inhumane of conditions. Joye was already volunteering at shelters and rescuing animals as teenager, but often found it challenging to find suitable homes where they would receive the love and attention required for rehabilitation. As an adult, she founded Toby’s Room Inc and has dedicated herself to this cause ever since. Named after a favourite black lab that was rescued by the Oltmann’s, but then tragically passed away at a poorly run boarding facility, Toby’s Room is complete funded by private and family donations.


Joye is a firm believer in the importance of diet and nutrition. She discovered Lucky Dog Cuisine in 2013 on the Truth About Petfood website ( Today, every dog at Toby’s Room eats Lucky Dog Cuisine and Joye is adamant about the improvement that it has made for their overall health and happiness.

Of course, every furry resident of Toby’s Room comes with their own sad story. Anna is a border collie who was found running up a road near the Oltmann’s in 2002. Jake is a golden retriever who was rescued from a county animal shelter six years ago. At the time, he was given only hours to live. Rocky is a pit bull, and a newer addition to the clan – he was found on a busy street, foraging for food and running into traffic. When he arrived at Toby’s Room, he was significantly malnourished and underweight. After only four weeks, his weight had increased by almost 20 pounds.


Oliver just after being rescued and before Lucky Dog Cuisine


Rocky after best dog food LDC

Rocky after 8 months eating Lucky Dog Cuisine

Despite the circumstances that lead each resident to come stay with the Oltmann’s, they all share a bright and happy present. Through the love and patience that Joye and Dave have shown them, they have all grown into healthy, happy animals. For the majority of these residents, Toby’s Room is a temporary stop on their journey – they go on to be adopted into loving, permanent homes. Sometimes though, rehoming isn’t possible – as with Rocky, Jake and Anna – and Toby’s Place happily becomes their forever home.

To Joye and Dave from all of us at Lucky Dog Cuisine

Thanks for all that you do for our furry friends.


If you would like to find out more about Joye Oltmann, and Toby’s Room, you can reach them at


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