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bugsy_readingA well educated consumer is a dog’s best friend. Here is a list of some great books to help you start to understand why we are so passionate about a “whole food diet”.
When it comes to dog food the more you can teach your human the better. It’s hard for them to find the time to research so you need to help them out. There are many great books written by some great humans who are dog advocates. Dr’s Strombeck and Pitcairn have written wonderful books extolling the virtues of “whole foods” for dogs. My favorite is Ann Martin’s second book Protecting your Pet – More Shocking Facts. If your human reads only one book from this list make sure they read that one. It is an unbiased third party look at the pet food industry. The will be both shocked and appalled but they will feed you better after they become more educated.

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Here are some great books for your research

With love from our kitchen to yours

Lucky Dog Cuisine was born out of passion to make sure all dogs get the best quality food possible. We know that not all dogs are going to eat Lucky Dog but if we can help to educate everyone both canine and human perhaps one day all dogs will eat at least some whole food as part of their diets.

The pet food industry was born as a dumping ground for waste products for large corporations. Please spend a little time learning so you can make educated decisions and not buy into the propaganda that dogs need dry cereal every day for the rest of their lives.
  Eat whole foods and feed whole foods.

Always remember, health comes from the inside out!

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