Tips for Transitioning

Introduce new foods slowly, especially if going from a dry food to a wet.

Start by replacing one quarter of your existing food with Lucky Dog Cuisine

Do this for 1 to 2 days then start adding more LDC and eliminating the old food.

Normal transition can be as little as a couple of days or as much as a week.

Some picky eaters may require the food to be warmed slightly.

PLEASE NOTE: You will likely need less LDC than your old food as we have no preservatives or fillers in our food. Please do not overfeed (especially small or picky dogs)


We have included a feeding chart on this page but keep in mind each dog is different. How much to feed depends on many factors including age, gender, breed, time of year, activity and stress levels and the toughest to measure “metabolism”.

As a general guideline 2-3% of a dog’s body weight fed daily when feeding LDC exclusively

Larger adult dogs generally need a little less on a percentage basis 2-2.5% is usually sufficient while smaller dogs trend a bit higher in general 2.5-3%

Younger and highly active dogs will trend higher while older more sedentary dogs naturally need slightly less.

Puppies will eat you out of house and home for the first 12-18 months. They may need as much as 4-5% of their body weight fed daily while growing but please remember to reduce their food as they start to mature. Dog’s normally do not stop loving LDC unless they are being overfed.


Be sure to read our article
The Truth About Kibble
for more information.

Why not just continue to feed my dry kibble?


Did you know that kibble was created to help mega large corporations dispose of waste products?


Did you know that dogs are living roughly 18% shorter lives since the introduction of commercial dry dog food?


Did you know that the oil you smell and feel on the outside of your kibble is rendered fat that is sprayed on to make it appetizing because otherwise dogs would not eat it.


And finally, would you eat dry processed food every day for the rest of your life and expect to be healthy?

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