widget-title_03How did we start?

Lucky Dog Cuisine was born out of a passion to see dogs live healthier lives. We have been feeding our own dogs a simplified version of our current recipes for over 50 years. With the dog food recalls of 2008 when more than 4,000 dogs died due to tainted commercial foods we decided we had to share. With lots of testing with the Department of Agricultural, input from Veterinary Nutritionists and a dose of common sense: Lucky Dog Cuisine was born!

widget-title_03Why not kibble?

Put quite bluntly, we hate kibble! Wow, I can’t believe we put that on our website. Traditional commercial dog food was founded to help use up waste products from huge corporations. They normally use inferior “pet grade” ingredients (meaning virtually anything not fit for human consumption). Their next challenge is that they have to cook at such high temperatures that most of the nutrients are degraded. Please see our Scary but True section for more info. We encourage you to research some of the books and info we pass along as well, as well as make sure you sign up for the WetNose News to have pet nutrition information arrive directly in your inbox!

widget-title_03Who are we?

We are a small family run business that has used a very old fashioned business model. We try to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. We have had wonderful customer loyalty and have expanded to the point where we are now servicing the entire Continental US. We have just opened a Toronto office that will be handling all Canadian inquiries as well! Thanks for your support. We truly believe we have started a “common sense revolution” in dog food.


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