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  • Dr Janice Elenbaas Co-Founder

    Whenever people asked me what I fed my dogs I would describe our recipes to them. Real beef, brown rice, ricotta cheese, GMO free veggies etc. The next thing out of their mouth was Wow! What Lucky Dogs. It seemed natural to call the company Lucky Dog Cuisine. We consider it a great privilege to be allowed to feed your dog.

    • Title – Chief Human and Co-Founder
    • Hometown – Beaufort SC or wherever my dogs are
    • Likes – Dogs, horses, food, wine and laughter
    • Dislikes – My kids live too far away
  • Bugsy Wonderdog Co-Founder

    I was there from the beginning. That Beef and Barley recipe you are seeing in your shipment today was my absolute favorite. My goals in life included a desire to see all dogs eat something other than kibble and with the advent of Lucky Dog Cuisine I can feel great about saying “Mission Accomplished”.


    • Title – Co-Founder
    • Hometown – Doggie Heaven
    • Likes – My mom, swimming, chasing any ball
    • Dislikes – Thunderstorms and Fireworks


Executive Officers and Spokesdogs

  • The Murphster CED - Chief Executive Dog

    The “hair” apparent. (my groomer put me up to that one) I take my duties I inherited from Bugsy as clan patriarch very seriously. Between taking care of Molly and my humans it’s no wonder I have never written a book like Bugsy did.

    • Title – CED and bodyguard for Dr. Janice Elenbaas
    • Hometown – Beaufort SC
    • Likes – Being as close to my human mom as possible
    • Dislikes – Not being close to mom.
  • Molly Spokesdog - USA

    A little secret about me that you might not know if you just see me as a glamorous spokesdog.  I am actually a fully registered service dog. I likely have more frequent flyer miles than you and I absolutely adore my older brother Murphy. (please don’t tell him I said that)

    • Title – LDC Spokesdog USA
    • Hometown – Beaufort SC
    • Likes – swimming, chasing balls, sleeping on my dad’s head, cookies
    • Dislikes – Nothing yet
  • Django Spokesdog - Canada

    I am an Aussie Doodle. That doesn’t mean I run around barking the doggie equivalent of “mate” and if you throw a “shrimp on the barbie” I am just going to steal it. Hmm, maybe there is something about this Aussie thing as didn’t Australia start out as a penal colony?

    • Title – Spokesdog Canada
    • Hometown – Toronto Canada
    • Likes – Molly
    • Dislikes – Doorbells, the kids taunting me in the backyard

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