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Man eats dog food for 30 days – Charity Challenge
We did this way back in 2011 but the videos are still entertaining – Enjoy

Thirty days of dog food for dinner every night!
Sounds gross and disgusting but thankfully I only ate Lucky Dog Cuisine, we actually had a lot of fun and raised some money for a couple of great causes. We did this way back in 2011 but so many people have asked us about it that we decided to include the videos on our new website.
Please enjoy and remember that the links to donate are no longer active but I am sure that if you wanted to make a donation many great causes would welcome your support.

Watch a brief video on what is on tap for our
30 Day Challenge

Dr Janice Elenbaas and co-host Christina Ferrare
Prepping human grade burgers for dogs

Molly, co-host Mark Steines, the dudes from “Undateable” Brent Morin, Rick Glassman, Sophie Uliano and Shirley Bovshow share “dog burgers”

Molly and co-host Mark Steines
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