Lucky Dog of the Month, Mischa the Samoyed!

I’m so excited to be the Lucky Dog of the Month! In fact, I’m pretty excited all the time! There is always somewhere fun to go or something fun to do.

I especially love going for walks around my neighbourhood and in nearby parks to visit all my fur-iends. Sometimes I get a little too excited and start pulling on my leash… but I can’t really help it, I’m a sled dog at heart after all!

My mom says sometimes I can be a “challenge”, but life is just so exciting! I love everyone and everything!!

I’m always up to play a game. Fetch is my favourite, especially when I get to make up the rules. Sometimes I like to confuse my mom and pretend like I want her to fetch my toy but then when she tries, I get to it first and make her chase me to get it back! Fun!

I also love to eat, but I have a very sophisticated palate. That’s why I only eat the best food. When I was little, my vet Dr Binkowski, recommended Lucky Dog Cuisine. I was eating another brand of food, but wasn’t enjoying it. My mom switched me to Lucky Dog and now I LOVE meal time! It’s my favourite!

I hope you will follow me and keep up with all my fun adventures in and around Metro New York!

Instagram: @mischa_the_samoyed

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest: @pawsomefuriends

Mischa the Samoyed

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