7 Pre-Cooked Dog Food Recipes

Including Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Options

All of our recipes are complete and balanced and appropriate for all life stages.
We use only GMO free fruits and vegetables, as well as butcher quality meats.
All ingredients are sourced in the USA!

Beef and Rice

Suggested for: All life stages, including puppies and picky eaters.

Original Beef and Rice
A Canine culinary delight featuring custom ground, humanely raised, grass fed beef simmered and blended with brown rice, tomatoes & vegetable puree. Perfectly complemented with smooth Ricotta cheese, blueberries & fresh apple, organic flax seed and just the right mix of extra virgin olive oil. Listen closely when you feed it and you can actually hear your dog say “Yum”!

Recipe features:Gluten Free • Healthy Protein Levels • Moderate Fat Levels • Higher Calories • Grass Fed Beef

Guaranted Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Protein 7.8% 28.5%
Fat 5.3% 19%
Fiber .6% 2%
Ash 1% 3.5%
Moisture 72%
Calories 710kcal per 454 grams
Bugsy's Best Beef and Barley

Suggested for: Dogs of all breeds and sizes both adults & puppies

Bugsy’s Best Beef and Barley
A bountiful blend of custom ground, humanely raised, grass fed beef and barley brought beautifully together with cottage cheese. Blended with pureed peas, carrots, beans and tomatoes with ground organic flax seed, blueberries and fresh apple. Add extra virgin olive oil and you have the best beef and barley dinner ever, according to Bugsy (one of my original Lucky Dogs) at least!

Recipe features:Moderate Calories • Moderate Carbohydrates • Whole Grains: Healthy B Vitamins & Prebiotics • Healthy Levels of Fats and Proteins 

Guaranted Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Protein 8.00% 29.5%
Fat 5.5% 20%
Fiber .5% 1.8%
Ash 1.5% 5%
Moisture 73%
Calories 630kcal per 454 grams
Pooch Pasta

Suggested for: Healthy, active adult dogs, picky eaters. 

Perfect Pooch Pasta
A taste of Italy for your four-footed friend. Custom ground, humanely raised, grass fed beef, mixed with delicate whole wheat pasta, coupled with tomatoes, vegetables, cottage cheese, blueberries, apple, basil, oregano, organic flax seed and virgin olive oil gives your pet the best food this side of Italy without the airfare.
That’s Amore!

Recipe features:Grass Fed Beef • Moderate Fat Levels • Moderate to High Caloric Levels • Low Carbohydrates

Guaranted Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Protein 8.9% 33%
Fat 5.4% 20%
Fiber .7% 2.5%
Ash 1.5% 5%
Moisture 73%
Calories 645kcal per 454 grams
Turkey n' Rice

Suggested for: Puppies, adult dogs, dogs with sensitive stomachs, all breeds and sizes.

Tail-Waggin’ Turkey
More than a holiday feast, your dog will be giving thanks for this delightful meal. Tender Turkey sautéed with tomatoes & brown rice, made with filtered water of course. Add pureed peas, green beans and carrots, low fat yogurt, apple, blueberries & extra virgin olive oil. This food for dogs is good enough to make pilgrims & Indians get along.

Recipe features:Balanced for Growth & Maintenance • Gluten Free  • Healthy Protein Levels • Moderate Calories & Fat • GMO Free Fruits & Vegetables • Natural, Hormone Free Turkey

Guaranted Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Protein 8.8% 34.5%
Fat 5.03% 19.0%
Fiber .9% 3.4%
Ash 1.28% 5%
Moisture 74%
Calories 640kcal per 454 grams
Here Fishy Fishy

Suggested for: Adults dogs, senior dogs, dogs who cannot tolerate beef or poultry, weight loss. 

Here Fishy Fishy
After months of research we finally have a fish recipe that meets our demanding standards.
Tender Tilapia fillets, brown rice, yogurt, pumpkin and veggies, peas, beans, and even zucchini are complemented by extra virgin olive oil, apples and dill.
It’s considered quite a “catch of the day” by canine foodies everywhere.

Recipe features:Gluten Free • Healthy Protein Levels • Low Fat • Low Calories • Natural, Chemical Free Tilapia Filets • Balanced Nutrition

Guaranted Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Protein 7.5% 32.6%
Fat 2.1% 9%
Fiber .5% 2%
Ash 1.0% 4%
Moisture 77%
Calories 495kcal per 454 grams

Grain-Free Options

Picky Palate Pork

Suggested for: Active, adult dogs, puppies, dogs who cannot tolerate beef or poultry, dogs with sensitive skin.

Picky Palate Pork
A little bit more of a “novel protein” grass-fed pork is amazingly good for your dog. Combine that with organic red lentils, zucchini, carrots, peas, green beans, tomatoes, pumpkin, blueberries, apples (All vegetables GMO free of course) and extra virgin olive oil and you get one amazing recipe.
It’s both grain and gluten free but it is full of flavor. Your dog will love this one!

Recipe features:Gluten & Grain Free • Dairy Free • Moderate Fats • Low Carbohydrates

Guaranted Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Protein 11.6% 38.6%
Fat 6.7% 22%
Fiber .5% 1.6%
Ash 1.5% 5%
Calories 750kcal per 454 grams
Turkey n' Taters

Suggested for: Active dogs and puppies of all breeds and sizes.

Turkey ‘N Taters
While we strongly believe that dogs benefit from grains there are some dogs that have a true grain allergy. For those special dogs we are proud to present Turkey ‘n Taters. A wonderful blend of Turkey, roast potatoes, yogurt, pumpkin, spinach, peas, carrots, apples, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and love. Even if your dog doesn’t need a grain free alternative they will still love to have Turkey ‘n Taters join their rotation of Lucky Dog recipes.

Recipe features:Gluten & Grain Free • Balanced for Growth & Maintenance • Low Carbohydrates • Moderate Fats

Guaranted Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Protein 11% 39%
Fat 5.6% 20%
Fiber .7% 2.5%
Ash 1.4% 5%
Calories 600kcal per 454 grams

We recommend a variety of flavors for normal, active dogs. Variety prevents boredom and ensures a balanced diet of protein, vegetables and other important nutrients.

Puppies under 4 months old are best started on one protein at a time. We encourage introduction to Turkey and Rice with a gradual transition to the variety pack.