Lucky Dog Cuisine Introductory Offer

Experts agree that the majority of dogs are not getting the level of nutrition they need from their highly processed kibble. Lucky Dog Cuisine offers only the highest quality ingredients.
We are not a kibble. We use humanely raised Grass Fed Beef & Pork, Hormone Free Turkey, Certified GMO-free Fruits and Veggies, Whole Grains, Real Dairy and Healthy Fats. We even cook our fresh dog food using filtered water!

Why Lucky Dog?

You wouldn’t want to eat fillers, additives or preservatives would you? So why should your four-legged furry companions? Lucky Dog Cuisine is free of all GMO & by-products. We use whole foods locally sourced in the USA and cooked in a kitchen just like yours… only bigger!

What’s included in the Introductory Special?

The Introductory Offer includes 14 pounds of pre-cooked, all natural Lucky Dog Cuisine Meals. This is enough to feed the average 20 – 30 lbs dog for a month. Our nutritious Variety Pack is fully customizable! We understand that not all pets can tolerate all foods: one of the many benefits of switching to Lucky Dog. We’ve made it easy to select your recipe preferences for the 14 Pound Variety Pack. No preference? No problem! Our 14 Pound Variety Pack includes 2 of each flavor.

Our one time order is $169 but the Intro Special is a SAVINGS OF $100 being offered at $69 plus free shipping.

In addition to saving $100 on your first order, your future shipments are priced at a reduced rate of only $149.

*Offer available to new clients only, limit of one per household. 

Pet Nutrition Is Our Priority

We currently have 7 great whole food recipes: Original Beef and Rice, Bugsy’s Best Beef and Barley, Pooch Pasta, Tailwaggin Turkey, Here Fishy Fishy, or our grain free options: Turkey n’ Taters and Picky Palate Pork. Each comes in frozen, one pound packages. Simply thaw & serve!

For all of the ingredient details, visit our Menu Page.

Choosing Lucky Dog Cuisine is an investment in your dog’s longterm health.
Lucky Dog Cuisine is a unique product. We know that all dogs are different. Our specially formulated recipes are proven to increase the quality of life for all different breeds, ages & sizes. A perfect canine blend of protein and carbohydrates made with only the finest all natural human grade ingredients.

Lucky Dog Cuisine is for your pet if…

  • You are looking for an excellent option to feed natural, whole foods to your dog.
  • You struggle with a raw diet; either from a intolerance side with your dog or a human perspective.
  • If your dog is a picky eater, is allergy-prone, has digestive problems, skin problems and everything you can think of.
  • You are looking for a healthy alternative to commercially processed dog food.


Pets should enjoy the same quality nutrition as we do! Try our Introductory Offer and experience the difference in your 4 legged love!

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