About Lucky Dog Cuisine

If you wouldn’t eat it please don’t feed it to your dog!

widget3_03Lucky Dog Cuisine was born out of passion to make sure all dogs get the best quality food possible. We know that not all dogs are going to eat Lucky Dog but if we can help to educate everyone both canine and human perhaps one day all dogs will eat at least some whole food as part of their diets.
The pet food industry was born as a dumping ground for waste products for large corporations. Please spend a little time learning so you can make educated decisions and not buy into the propaganda that dogs need dry cereal every day for the rest of their lives.
I consider it a huge privilege to be allowed to feed your dog. Thank you for trusting Lucky Dog Cuisine, we won’t let you down.

Dr Janice Elenbaas (and Molly)

Eat whole foods and feed whole foods.
Always remember, health comes from the inside out!

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