A little bit about me

I was always the one with “attitude”. My older brother Bugsy was the good one. He came when called, did tricks for food and loved on our humans in a way I could never duplicate. He even wrote a book (Educating Humans) and gave the proceeds to charity. I was different.
I love my family but I sit when I choose, come when I want to and generally listen only to my brother Bugsy and my human dad on holidays. I will often growl at people when they pet me unless I ask for them to do so. I contributed to the book but my byline was “Annoying Little Brother Murphy” so you don’t need to wonder where the “attitude” came from.
All in all I am the perfect dog. Cute to look at but don’t touch me. The only exception to this rule is my new little sister Molly. I am her mentor and she can do whatever she wants.

My best attributes.


Murphy nappingI am a world class eater! How could I not love a job where my primary responsibility is to test (and retest) human grade foods?
A typical day for me involves getting up in the morning, going out to take care of my personal needs, EAT. The rest of the day is basically free time. I play with Molly, go for a long walk, perhaps take a swim, snuggle with my humans and basically bide my time until around 5 pm at which point I go back to work again.
At 5 sharp I start pushing my nose against my humans to let them know what time it is then I EAT!
After that it is play and nap time until bed.
Now tell me how could I not love what I do? As a matter of fact I bet most of you would trade jobs with me right now.
– “The Murphster”

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