Introducing Rousseau, Lucky Dog of the Month!

Hello everyone!

My full name is Jean-Jacques Rousseau Pritchard, but I go as Rousseau (or Rou) for short. I’m a French Bulldog, and I turned four years old this month.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my mom, but we also travel together a lot – mostly to see my grandparents in Vancouver. I’m a total city dog and love to go on errands, especially because I’m allowed on public transit and into most stores in Toronto. But I also LOVE going to the beach. As soon as my paws hit the sand, I’m off in a second – lightening fast! I know it makes my humans laugh when I race around like I’m on an imaginary obstacle course so I do it as often as I can.

My dream is to be a movie star, and thanks to my good looks, I’ve already been in a couple tv shows and commercials.

I love food and spend most of the day thinking about how to trick people into giving me more to eat (I’m a master of the “sad dog” face, and it works every time! Except on my mom – she’s figured out my tricks by now). I also love naps and cuddles – my mom says sometimes when I’m fast asleep, I move my mouth and make sounds like I’m eating something… And I guess that makes sense as most of my dreams are about food!

I’m really excited to be a part of the Lucky Dog family!

XOX Rousseau

P.S you can follow me and keep up on all my latest adventures on Instagram – @rousseaufromthe6ix

With my mom in Cape Cod

Enjoying the patio at the Lake Placid Brew Pub. They’re dog friendly!














Visiting my grandparents in Crescent Beach, British Columbia

With my mom and grandparents in Vancouver

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